*****Boise to Idaho City & Back*****
Just Another Bicycle Tour

Self Supported 2 Day Bicycle Tour
Bring your own food and money for the Hot Springs
Shower at the Idaho City Hot Springs Soak and Relax.

Let’s get this Disclaimer out of the way.

This is a self-supported, weekend bike ride with a group of friends.
All riders are responsible for their own safety and enjoyment,

Be prepared and 100% self-sufficient.

Have your own self-rescue or bailout plan.
Do not count on cell phone service.

These are route suggestions that include potentially useful and potentially
inaccurate information.

Long bike rides are challenging and can be considered fun by some. You are
responsible for your own fun, health and safety.

This can be accomplished as an overnight ride or make up your own schedule and route or portion. The journey is the experience!

Camping gear transported to camp site in Idaho City Can be arranged –
-email: admin(at)cycleidaho.com

Any Time You Want 2 – For 20 years – Was Father’s Day  Weekend

2 Day Adventure Bicycle Tour on remote dirt roads

Full Tour

Half tour option starts and ends at the mid way lunch spot
Clear Creek
Half Tour    

This is a Great Way to begin the cycling season !

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Boise to Idaho City
Self Supported
2 Day Adventure Bicycle Tour

A self supported bicycle ride from Boise to Idaho City on public dirt roads.

– Arrangements can be made to transport your camping gear.
– Bring your own snacks and lunch
– Dinner and breakfast on your own in Idaho City great restaurants
– Half Tour option on the most scenic sections of the route.


Bike Pack or arrange for Luggage Transport – email: admin(at)cycleidaho.com


7:00 AM – Meet fellow riders at Fort Boise

8:00 AM – Depart Boise up Rocky Canyon Rd.

9:00 AM – Transport  leaves for Idaho City with gear

-Snack Stop #1 – Robie Creek

11:00 AM – Clear Creek  – Lunch  (Half Tour start)

12-12:30 – Depart for Idaho City

-Snack Stop #2 – New Centerville

@ 2:00 PM – Lead riders arrive in Idaho City

Set up camp – Location  – Cowboy Camp Ground

Up the road from the Visitor Center – call Doug Pottenger for reservations 208-283-0799

2:00 PM – 6:00 PM – Socialize – Museum Tour  ($2 donation)

6:00 PM – Dinner – Many fine eating establishments or cook your own

7:00 PM – Social Hour – Hot Springs

Location TBD – Camp Ground Camp Fire

8:00 PM – Camp Fire stories

10:00 pm – All Quiet


6:00 AM – Dawn – Gear up – Break Camp load luggage

6:30 AM – Breakfast –

8:00 AM – Depart for Boise  – Know the  route it will NOT be marked

9:00 AM – Transport Truck leaves with gear

-Snack Stop #3 – Warm Springs Summit

11:00 AM – Clear Creek – Lunch

-Snack Stop #4 – Robie Creek (same place as Snack Stop #1)

3:00-6:00 PM Arrive Fort Boise

For many years this was a fully supported tour – now you are on your own


This is what people had to say about the supported Tour in the past

Thanks to our Great Cast and Crew.
This is what people say about the Tour:

“Thanks you so much for a wonderful weekend!  I had a great time.
The food was incredible as usual.  I think I actually gained weight.”

“Thank you for taking the time and effort to organize such a fun event.
This was my first Tour, what a well orchestrated ride.
Your snacks and meals were above and beyond what I imagined.
They kept my energy up and my legs a spinning.
Met some really nice folks and had a great time, once again, thank you.”
Teresa (aka Zif or Lynne)

“Colby, Mike and I had a ball, thanks a ton!!!!
Next time, no cross bike for me,,,oh my aching !@@, ha.
Thanks again, your efforts were noticed and very much appreciated,,,please
share this to all who were instrumental in putting the event together!”
“Great food, great people, great weather, great ride. We all loved it.”

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Call Doug Pottenger 208-283-0799 for camping reservations

****A self supported common adventure****

Know your route

Many options – some routes are better than others
Click Here for Printable Route Map

Alternate Routes On Google Maps


Point of View Video of the 2013 Tour


****Make Contact for Questions****
Luggage transport arrangements :

email: admin (at) cycleidaho.com

(208) 861-2182